Sandwich Maker vs. Toaster: Which one to Choose?

Most of the people have a misconception that sandwich maker and toaster are same. Unfortunately, it’s a ‘NO’.

Though they have similar operating principle, the functioning is completely different.

If you are not aware of the above, make sure you read the article to the end.

In this write-up, we shall discuss the various differences, advantages, and disadvantages of a toaster and a sandwich maker.

Let us get started with the basic definitions and working principles of the duo.

What is a Sandwich Maker? 

A sandwich maker is a very useful tool in the kitchen to ease the sandwich-making process. It comes in with a lot of functionalities that make breakfast preparation an easy task for busy mothers.

The device usually comes with cast iron plates between which you can toss the bread slices stuffed with your favourite cheese, veggies, and other fillings. And, binge! Your fantastic, super tasty, and healthy breakfast is ready in no time.

Let us have a look at the benefits and the drawbacks of using a sandwich maker.


  • Sandwich makers help in preparing naturally fast and hot ready-made sandwiches at home super easy.
  • Sandwich makers come with additional features that help you cook yummy waffles, scrambled eggs, fish sticks, and other delicious dishes in no time.
  • The upside to sandwich makers is that there are likely no chances of overheating and burning food when preparing sandwiches.


  • Since the sandwich makers are made up of fragile materials, these appliances are less durable.
  • Most sandwiches can accommodate only two bread slices. If you try to toss more quantity or overfill the sandwich with ingredients you will have a problem closing the shutter.
  • The other downside with sandwich makers is that some models have an insufficient cord length, which makes it difficult to provide the power supply.

What is a Toaster?


As the name suggests, a toaster is another electric appliance used to toast bread. It is a user-friendly kitchen device that cooks the slices of bread to darker, crispier, and tastier toast using radiant heat.

Specially designed to work on the principle of an electric stove, a toaster has a heating chamber with spirals that produce infrared radiation.

This device enables you to toast two to four bread slices at a time, depending on the models.

Let us have a look at the merits and the demerits of a toaster.


  • Toasters are available in a large variety of models based on individual preferences and budgets.
  • Being a very compact device, you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. It is ideal for smaller spaces.
  • A toaster is easy to handle.
  • You can perform additional functions on a toaster like thawing bread, heating buns, roasting sandwiches, etc.
  • Using a toaster is extremely safe as it helps in preventing overheating.


  • A toaster is best suitable in winters, and autumns may not serve well in warm seasons.
  • When using a manual toaster, there are high chances of burning the toast.
  • One needs to have sufficient knowledge regarding the appliance settings, like the degree of frying. This may be difficult for many to understand.

Sandwich Maker Vs. Toaster

Many parameters help in deciding which appliance you will need. Let us try to distinguish a sandwich maker and a toaster based on several aspects, as mentioned below.

1. Versatility

Versatility is the key factor that can help you choose the right appliance for your kitchen. Let us start with a sandwich maker first and try to learn how versatile it is.

As discussed earlier, you can use a sandwich maker to prepare other kinds of dishes like waffles, biscuits, pancakes, meat steaks, cheese mixture, and other pizza toppings. This shows that a sandwich maker has the highest degree of versatility by helping you perform several other tasks in a small device.

Let us come to a toaster. If you consider this appliance, it has limited functionalities and is not as versatile as a sandwich maker. You can only toast the already prepared sandwiches but cannot prepare one inside a toaster.

Winner: Sandwich Maker

2. Cost-Efficient

Cost is yet another crucial aspect for making the perfect decision.

While a conventional sandwich maker allows you to make two to four sandwiches simultaneously, premium models come with a six-slice capacity. These are a little expensive than the basic ones. However, a six-piece maker can help you feed and serve a big family, becoming a very cost-effective option.

When it comes to a toaster, we all know that it has compartments that can accommodate two-four slices, at a time. If you want to prepare many toasts at the same time for feeding a big family, you should consider having more than one 4-slice toaster in your kitchen. Purchasing more toast makers could be an added expenditure to you.

Winner: Sandwich Maker

3. Experiment New Recipes

Want to try new recipes? Well, a toaster may not be a suitable option for this. Of course, it is a great equipment to toast bread with your favourite filling. But you can prepare caramelized food using it.

Let us consider a sandwich maker. There are a plethora of recipes you can experiment with in your appliance, other than cooking simple bread. You can prepare excellent snacks like adding sugar or fruits and caramelizing food. You can also use the device to prepare delicious tortillas with yummy fillings at home.

Winner: Sandwich Maker

4. Specialized Features and Other Technological Aspects

As mentioned earlier in this article, a toaster works like an electric stove, having a heating chamber with spirals. No doubt, it is a perfect alternate for toasting bread slices on a frying pan. The other merit is that you can avoid using excess oil when using a toaster. Moreover, you will not have to clean the device very often to get rid of the excess oil inside it, unlike a frying pan.

Coming to sandwich makers, these are the most advanced appliances that come with a compact design. It has many specialized features that make this device the most favourite to many. It has interchangeable plates for cooking, and you can prepare about four to six sandwiches in it, simultaneously. Not only that, but a sandwich maker allows you to also try other recipes like puffs, biscuits, pancakes, etc., effortlessly with the least amount of oil and in less time.

Winner: Sandwich Maker

5. Size & Ease of Cooking

Toasters are undoubtedly the popular option for toasting bread slices that taste much better than plain bread. It has an automated mechanism that helps you toast your bread in a couple of minutes and makes it pop up. Because of the wide compartments, you can insert slices stuffed with your favourite fillings for toasting.

On the other hand, sandwich makers are compact in design. It allows you to have only limited fillings in limited sizes of slices. Anything beyond this will cause a problem with shutter closure or preparation.

Winner: Toaster

6. Power Consumption:

All bread toasters of any model consume about 800-1500 watts of power when using. On average, it uses around 1200 watts. That means you can toast about six slices in just 12 minutes easily and effortlessly.

The amount of electricity a sandwich maker utilizes differs from model to model. The average wattage consumption by most models falls in the range of 700-1100.

Winner: Sandwich Maker

Which One to Choose – Sandwich Maker or Toaster

The above information might have surely helped you gain some insights into toaster and sandwich maker. If you want to choose the right device, we advise you to consider the below criteria:

1. Family Needs:

Your decision is majorly dependent on the needs, requirements, and size of

your family. If your preferences are simple toasts, then a toaster would do.

If your family demands more than a toaster, then you should go for a sandwich maker.

2. Space Requirement:

If you have a small kitchen that does not have enough space, a toaster would be ideal for such homes.

However, if space is not a constraint, a sandwich maker would be an optimal choice.

3. Other Equipment:

Do you have an oven at your home? If yes, then it is wise to go for a toaster. You can use it to toast slices and also a sandwich. Since you already have an oven at home, you can try other recipes in it.

You know better what your personal needs and preferences are. Hence, choose the right one, accordingly.


Wrapping up, both toaster and sandwich maker are useful kitchen appliances to prepare quick breakfasts. However, if you have to choose one, make sure you consider all the necessary parameters like price, ease of cooking each appliance offers, and the functionalities.

If you want to prepare a variety of sandwiches that are ready to consume in less than five minutes during your busy mornings, a sandwich maker is a perfect option.

We would happy to hear from you what your decision is. If you find this article insightful and informative, write to us in the comments section below. If you need more information on sandwich makers or toasters, do let us know that as well. We will answer all your queries at the earliest.

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