Different Types of Mattress That Can Help Give You a Good Night’s Sleep

Different types of mattresses bring along different benefits. Some mattresses are breathable and remain cool during the summers, while others are good for your back. But how’ll you know which mattre-ss is good for what?

Well, that is easy. This article has brief information regarding different mattress types in India. You can scroll through the info and find the right mattress type with corresponding benefits. If you’re interested, let’s get started.

What are Some Common Mattress Types in India?

Here are some common mattress types you’ll find in India: –

1. Spring Mattress:

Spring MattressSpring mattress, as the name suggests, is composed of springs in the deeper layers. When you put pressure or lay down, these springs contract and then relax when you get up or make any movement. These mattresses give a bouncy feeling to the user and offer a good sleep.

If you need a luxurious yet cozy type of sleeping experience, a spring mattress can do the job. However, it’ll take some time for you to get used to this type of mattress.

2. Memory Foam:

Memory FoamThe memory foam mattress is a foam-based mattress that is one of the best in this segment. It delivers amazing comfort, which isn’t available with any other type of mattress. The top density foam used in this mattress takes your body’s shape when you lay on this mattress.

And when you get up from the bed, the mattress rearranges itself in the original position. The memory mattress is quite good for people suffering from back pain. It’s because this mattress balances your body weight evenly and supports the back.

3. Coir Mattress:

coir mattressThis type of mattress is crafted using coir or coconut fibers. Coir is the primary material in this kind of mattress, but there are also other materials used as it’s not possible to sleep only on a coir mattress.

Generally, secondary material is usually polyurethane high-density foam, which somewhat softens the bedding. Also, to add texture, a layer of cotton is also used in this kind of mattress.

Two varieties of coir mattress are available widely in the market as: –

  • Rubberized Coir Mattress: Rubberized coir mattress is suited for orthopedic purposes. It’s a blend of latex and coir, which makes it quite stiff to sleep on. If your doctor has suggested you sleep straight or on a hard surface, this mattress can work.
  • Hybrid coir mattress: This mattress is a mixture of adjustable foam and coir. Here the primary material is coir, and adjustable foam acts as the secondary material. The hybrid coir mattress is breathable, which allows easy circulation of air, and is suited for regions experiencing hot summers.

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4. Foam Mattress:

Foam MattressFoam mattress, as the name tells, is made using a blend of PU foam and other common types of foam. Foam mattresses are usually softer and help in even distribution of body weight. If your body feels comfortable with a foam mattress, it can really benefit your posture and back problems.

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5. Latex Mattress:

Latex MattressSimilar to a coir mattress, a latex mattress is made from natural elements. Latex is a by-product of sap that comes from the rubber tree. If you’re environmentally conscious and don’t want any synthetic materials, the latex mattress is a good choice to make.

A latex mattress is good at providing pressure relief to the body. However, it’s not as effective as that of the memory foam mattress. One thing you should keep in mind is the bounce you get from latex foam is unavailable with memory foam.

So, if you want a bouncy and stiff mattress, a latex mattress is good. And if you want something softer that takes the shape of your body, memory foam can do the job.

6. Hybrid Mattresses:

Hybrid MattressesSuch mattresses come with qualities of both spring mattresses and memory foam. You’ll experience the bounce, which comes along a spring mattress and the softness of a memory or the latex foam.

Usually, there’s a layer of coiled springs at the bottom and 1-3 layers of memory foam or latex foam on the top. This, sort of, gives a customized experience to the user.

So, if you need a bouncy feel, pressure relief and want to keep the mattress cool, you can go with the one that has spring at the bottom and the rest of the layers above it. It helps in improving the breathability and provides all the comfort you need from a mattress.

7. Airbed Mattress:

airbed matressAirbed is usually different from those air mattresses you place on the floor of your house when the guests arrive. You can find numerous good quality air beds, which provide better relief from those large sized mattresses.

The air beds are highly portable and can sometimes be folded as well. So, if you need a custom sleeping experience, air beds can be great. Another good quality of airbed is they’re made from foam layers. It prevents them from sagging over time.

8. Gel Mattress:

gel mattressMemory foam is known to trap heat. During the winters, it’s not a problem, but during the summers, it definitely is. It’s because many layers of foam are used to support your body. It creates a dense system of foam layers, which traps the heat and limits the air circulation.

When there isn’t enough air circulation, the heat will stay trapped. And this will raise the temperature during the night, causing you discomfort. However, gel mattress counters its effects. The gel is blended or infused in the foam of the mattress, which absorbs the heat.

It may take some time to cool, but it is worth it. As when the gel traps the heat, you’ll feel a cooling experience during sleep.


Believe it or not, mattresses can significantly determine how well you will sleep. You need to know about the mattresses before you buy one for your bed. Fortunately, we have covered the most commonly used mattresses here in India.

You can find the ideal mattress from the above list and make an informed decision. If you’re able to make a decision, please share these insights with others who may need the info. Also, make sure to come back for detailed insights like this one.

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