7 Must Have Iphone Accessories

Apple iPhone is one of the best feature-packed phones in the market but you can still take it to next level with a wide range of accessories.

From wireless charger to cable protections – these accessories can prevent the battery life from damaging, protect your privacy and all help with improving overall iPhone experience.

When it comes to purchasing the best iPhone accessories, the market is flooded with endless choices. Wading through them is not a simple task.

To help you make a wise decision and avoid the mediocre stuff, we have taken up the task to find out the best choices worth your investment. For that, we have purchased several models, performed real-time tests and shortlisted the best of the best in this article.

Here, you can also find an in-depth description and analysis of each iPhone accessory for your reference.

7 Must-Have iPhone Accessories –

Disclaimer –

All these products are carefully selected after careful analysis and spending several reviews online as well as offline. None of them are sponsored by any brand. We are not in support or against any brand. All the analysis and information provided in this article is our honest opinion based on the hands-on testing performed in our workshop.

Detail Review of iPhone Accessory

1. iPhone OTG Pendrive

iPhone OTG Pendrive

iPhone is well-known for its picture quality so it no wonder we prefer to take a lot of pictures and videos with it. But because of this, our phone memory gets full very quickly. So, we usually take backup of phone memory in the laptop or the iCloud.

This experience can be quite messy or experience. And based on our personal experience, sometimes, the iPhone data doesn’t get backup easily. This can be very frustrating.

Here, this product can be very useful to you which is – OTG pendrive which is specially designed for iPhones.

This device is very easy to use as well. You just have to connect it to the iPhone and download the IXPAND App from the App Store and just have to follow a very simple registration process.

After registration is complete, you can just select the auto back up option through which all the photos and videos will be stored with just a single click.

And that’s it. You can use the iPhone immediately without any issues. along with that, you can also have password protection feature as well in this App.

From the other, you can connect the USB A to access all the photos or videos on any laptop or a smart TV. And the storage option of this pendrive is available from 64GB to 256GB which costs you around Rs. 2000 to Rs 6000.

This is actually a worthy investment as purchasing a similar GB of iPhone, you usually spend around Rs. 20000 to Rs. 30000 additionally.

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2. Spigen Privacy Screen Guard

Spigen Privacy Screen Guard

This may look like a simple and regular screen guard but it isn’t. Because with this option, you get a very unique feature that can be very helpful to you while operating your phone in public place or office, while having a private conversation or while doing a bank transaction.

With the help of this screen guard, your screen becomes completely black and it will be only visible to you. And even if somebody is sitting just beside you, they will not be able to see the screen.

Spigen Privacy

You can clearly see the difference in the above picture. Without this privacy screen, you can clearly see the chat conversation. However, with the help of this privacy screen guard, you cannot see the conversation from the side angle.

Along with the privacy screen guard, you will also get an aligner with the box. Using its help, you can install the screen guard yourself easily without any professional help.

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3. Spigen Camera Protector

Spigen Camera Protector

Whenever you purchase an iPhone, you will surely invest in a strong case to protect it during accidental falls.

But these phone cases cannot protect the camera lens. A small scratch on the camera lens can be detrimental to your phone camera quality and affects the picture and video clarity.

However, using this camera guard you protect the camera lens from scratches and others.

Some people may get worried about the picture quality because of this guard. But you don’t have to worry about it as this guard comes with high-quality HD tempered glass which doesn’t affect the camera quality.

For your clarification, we have clicked pictures using iPhone without a camera guard and iPhone with this HD camera guard.

Camera Protector

And in the above picture, you can see that both the pictures are completely clear and don’t have any differences.

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4. Apple 20W Charger

Apple 20W Charger

As we already know that – with the latest iPhones you will not get the charger inside the box. And people usually get this confusion whether to purchase a third-party charger or invest in an Apple charger.

So here, we would like to recommend you the Apple 20 W charger. According to our review on best iPhone chargers, we have concluded that all the third-party chargers were producing more heat while charging compared to iPhone charger. This may affect the battery health of the phone in long-term.

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5. HUMBLE Cable Protectors

HUMBLE Cable Protectors

Along with charging adapter, we recommend to use only iPhone charging cable only. However, while using that a lot of people ask us about the durability issues faced with these charging cables.

Initially, the charging cable looks at its best. However, with regular wear and tear, it becomes cracked and the outer layers seems to come off the wires.

This problem ca be solved with a simple budget-friendly product. And by using this, you can almost double the lifespan of the charging cable.

This accessory is the – cable protectors. These are very easy to install and once you put them in place, they don’t move at all. So, it will protect your cable from extreme bends. Because of this the lifespan of the cable will increase 2 times.

These cable protectors are available for just Rs 100 to Rs 200 on Amazon. This is a very small investment compared to the money you may have to spend for purchasing a new charging cable.

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6. ELV Mobile Stand

ELV Mobile Stand

This is yet another simple cable stand which can be very useful to iPhone owners. For example, while doing your work, we keep getting notifications in between.

For checking these notifications, you have to pick up your phone to see whether it is important or not. And while checking the notifications, you may end up wasting a lot of time.

So, with the help of this phone stand you can see the notification and pick up the calls without just single click or glance. You can also quickly delete any unnecessary notifications.

This will definitely help you focus much better. With this mobile stand, you can also charge the phone comfortably. You can also use it to enjoy the landscape mode while watching movies or videos you want.

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7. Saiji Flexible Phone Mount

Saiji Flexible Phone Mount

The final product on our list of must-have iPhone accessories is the hands-free phone mount. We really like this product because you can use it almost anywhere.

For example, you can use it on your bedside to watch movies or on your office desk while attending video calls. Or you can use it for taking cooking videos as well in your kitchen. There also this phone mount will be quite useful.

You can use this mount where the thickness of the table is ½ inch to 3 inches.

When we talk about the phone clamp here, it keeps the phone quite sturdy and secure. It also helps to easily rotate the phone from portrait to landscape mode.

And even the arm of this phone mount is quite flexible and sturdy. You can set it in any position based on your comfort or convenience.

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If you want to take the whole iPhone using experience a whole new level or maintain it in pristine condition, then these accessories are a must-have.

All these products come in a very budget-friendly range. So, you don’t have to blow holes in your pocket for purchasing them.

These products are carefully selected by our team after analyzing online reviews and hands-on testing in our workshop.

We hope the information provided here has been helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. We will reply to them as soon as possible.

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