What are the Electric Kettle Uses?

One of the best inventions that mankind has come up with to make life easier is an electric kettle. When you have this fantastic device in your home, your efficiency, and safety increases drastically. It was designed mainly for boiling water, but due to our experiments, we figured out that an electric kettle has multiple uses.

Electric kettle can be used to boil water for drinking or cooking, preparing beverages, late-night snacks, and food, etc.

In this article, we would like to shed light on some of the most innovative uses of the electric kettle so that you could optimize its full potential. Read more to find how you can use your electric kettle in the most unconventional manner.

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Uses of an Electric Kettle

Here are nine uses of an electric kettle that you must know:

1: Boil Eggs

If you want an energy-filled breakfast, what’s better than boiled eggs? Now, you can either use a conventional way to boil eggs in a gas stove which will consume more energy and time, or you can use an alternative and boil eggs in an electric kettle.

When boiling in an electric kettle, you have fewer chances of burning your hands plus, the boiling time in a kettle is comparatively lower. This means if you are in a hurry and want a quick source of protein, an electric kettle can save your day.

2: Instant Noodles

When the stomach growls out of hunger, one of the easiest meals we can come up with is instant noodles.

Surprisingly, you can easily and quickly prepare them in an electric kettle. Just put the desired water, let it boil for 1 -2 minutes, and then add noodles in the boiled water, and voila! Instant noodles are ready!

3: Hot Spa Treatment

If you are fond of beauty treatments, an electric kettle could come in handy. One of the most unconventional uses of this home appliance is to prepare a cozy foot soak or prepare water to steam your face to bring back the natural glow of your face!

Almost all electric kettles come with a high-tech feature that allows you to set the desired temperature of the water that you need for relaxation or treatment. This versatile home appliance will not only make your mood fresh but will also save money that you would otherwise spend on the parlor.

4: Oatmeal

No matter if you are a busy morning person, a fitness freak, or an elderly, you can never go wrong with a bowl of oatmeal as a quick meal. If you want to prepare your oatmeal faster, and more delicious we suggest you cook them on an electric kettle.

Just add the water into the kettle, let it boil for one minute, add your oatmeal and other ingredients like dry fruits and within few minutes you will have super nutritious oatmeal on your table.

5: Hot Chocolate 

If you are passionate about sweet food items, you may definitely have a recipe for making a tasty hot chocolate. But do you know the fastest and easiest way to prepare hot chocolate? Well, here it is:

  • Add the desired amount of water or milk to an electric kettle.
  • Let the device boil the liquid.
  • Once the liquid is boiled properly, the kettle will automatically get switched off.
  • Now add the 2-3 tablespoon of chocolate powder and stir it properly.
  • Pour the mixture into the cup/mug and your delicious hot chocolate is ready.

6: Boil rice, milk, or potatoes

If case you are wondering what to prepare for your uninvited guests, simply plug in your electric kettle and boil some potatoes and rice instantly.

How many times have you stood beside the gas stove to watch milk to boil only to find out it overflowed the kettle? You don’t get to see this inconvenience in an electric kettle as it comes with advanced features to control the temperature and cool it down before the milk pops out.

7: Ingredient Soup

Soups are a great getaway from the cold and help to boost our immune system. Gone are the days when people used to order soup from restaurants or ask neighbors to prepare one. With the help of an electric kettle, anyone can prepare soup in their kitchen and add whatever ingredients suit their tastes.

8: Bottle Warming for Baby

Utmost care is needed when dealing with a baby’s food and liquid items, even the temperature of the water for your baby has to be perfect. Most electric kettles come with a temperature manipulating feature and allow you to adjust the warmness of the water for the baby.

In the middle of the night if your baby cries for water, instead of leaving him/her out of your sight or carrying it to the kitchen, use an electric kettle to warm the water in the same room.

9: Brew Coffee or Prepare Tea

If your day starts with a cup of coffee, or if you want it often throughout the day, an electric kettle can save a lot of your time and provide delicious coffee in less than a minute.

If you are a tea lover and like to experiment with your taste, an electric kettle could allow you to do that as, it is convenient, double-time faster than a conventional gas stove.


An electric kettle is one of the most versatile and useful household appliances in this modern age. From boiling water to preparing different beverages and snacks, it can do it all. If you want to learn some innovative uses of an electric kettle, we have discussed them above in a comprehensive manner.

The mechanism of an electric kettle is designed in such a way that the item put inside gets prepared quickly, thus saving time and electricity. So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy such benefits plus get the work done in time, this is a must-have appliance. Good luck!

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