Fastest and Most Accurate Tyre Inflator Reviews in 2022

Tyre inflator comes in handy when you are stuck with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

It lets you get back on the road quickly without any detour or expensive roadside assistance. And moreover, maintaining optimal tire pressure lowers fuel consumption and improves breaking performance.

As these inflators come with simple control operations, even a non-professional or regular person can use it to inflate the tire within few minutes.

But purchasing a tyre inflator is not an easy task. And with so choices, it may get quite confusing as well.

As per the automobile industry experts – “an ideal tire inflator is capable of filling air or inflating within less amount of time accurately and without generating any overheated.”

With this information, we are going to purchase and test the best tyre inflators from the top-selling brands on Amazon. These products are selected by reviewing hundreds of customer reviews.

Best-Selling Tyre Inflators

Disclaimer – By doing this review, we are not supporting or against any brand. The honest reviews provided here are based on the real-time testing and observation performed by our team.

How We Tested?

In order to find out the best tyre inflator among these four options, we purchased, unboxed and four different tests that include

  • Speed Test – During this test, we will analyse the time taken by the tyre inflator to complete the inflation.
  • Accuracy Test – This shows whether there is any air pressure loss after inflating the tire. If there is more air pressure loss, then it will not be a good option to choose.
  • Noise Test – The noises generated by the motor present in tyre inflator can be bothersome. So, we are going to test which among these choices generate the less amount of noise.
  • Body Heat Test – An ideal tyre inflator should not easily get overheated. So, we will test the models how hot they get immediately after the test.

Before testing these inflators, let’s first check out each tire inflator individually to check different features provided with them.

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1. TUSA Tyre Inflator

This inflator has a compact size and lightweight design (1kg). The build quality of this tyre inflator is also quite good and sturdy.

It has a large LED display and three different buttons below the display which are helpful to increase, decrease and set the required PSI range.

On the top of the tyre inflator, it has two buttons – torch and on/off button. The torch button is actually pretty useful when you have to inflate tires in dim lighting conditions or at night.

On the back side of the TUSA tyre inflator, it has a small compartment to store the inflation pipe. And the length of the inflation pipe is quite good. It comes with a unique clip design which can be operated with just one hand. This clip design is helpful in releasing the pipe without losing much air pressure.

It comes with different attachments that include two fuse, two nozzle attachments and one inflating pin to fill air in footballs or basketball.

The TUSA tyre inflator is available on Amazon for Rs.3000 and comes with 1-year warranty duration.

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2. Bergmann Typhoon Car Inflator

Bergmann Typhoon Car Inflator

This inflator is also quite compact and weighs around 800 grams (less than TUSA). It has a combination of metal design at centre and plastic build on the either side. The metal may get slightly more heated than plastic part.

It has a backlit LED display and three buttons below it (similar to TUSA tyre inflator). At the front, you will two buttons – for operating torch and on/off switch.

Unlike TUSA tyre inflator, it doesn’t come with any storage compartment for the inflation pipe. It has a screw-based nozzle which may take some time to unscrew the pipe from the tire. While removing, there can slight loss of air pressure every time.

If you want to purchase Bergmann Typhoon car inflator, it is available on Amazon for around Rs. 2,700 and along with it, you will warranty of 1-year.

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3. WINDEK Tyre Inflator

WINDEK Tyre Inflator

This tire inflator also has a compact design and weighs around just 850 grams. The build quality of this machine is quite good. However, it is not as great as TUSA and Bergmann options.

It has a small backlit display with three buttons below it to increase, decrease and set the required air pressure range.

Another two buttons are provided to the side. One is for turning the machine on/off. And another one is for operating the torch.

To the side of tyre inflator, it has a small storage compartment for the inflation pipe with a screw design nozzle (similar to Bergmann).

And on the back of the inflator, it comes with a storage compartment for the power cord and another one for storing the accessories available with it.

This inflator is available for around Rs. 1900 on Amazon. And it comes with a warranty duration of 2-years.

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4. WOSCHER Tyre Inflator

WOSCHER Tyre Inflator

This tyre inflator is compact as well and weighs just 700 grams which is least among all the four choices. It looks quite stylish and trendy as well. It comes with an easy to hold handle on top of it.

It comes with a good build quality. Similar to other options, it has a small backlit display with three buttons below it for setting the required air pressure.

And two buttons are provided to the right side of the display. One for turning the inflator on/off and another is to operate the torch.

On the side of the tyre inflator, a small storage compartment is present for hose pipe. It has screw design nozzle similar to Bergmann and Windek.

It comes with a long power cord which can be easily wrapped around the machine. On the backside of the inflator, a small storage space is present for storing the provided accessories.

If you want to purchase the WOSCHER tyre inflator, you can get it on Amazon for just Rs. 2,400. And it comes with a warranty duration of 1-year.

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Realtime Testing of Each Tyre Inflator

1. Speed Test

To perform the speed test, we have taken a commonly used hatchback car. We deflated the tires completely beforehand to 0 PSI.

All these inflators have auto-cut off feature. We tested the four tyre inflators to check which one inflate them in less amount of time.

Among the four of them, Bergmann filled the air pressure within 3:37 minutes. And the second to complete was TUSA which took 03:51 minutes.

The third to finish the air pressure was WINDEK which took almost 04:06 minutes. And the last to complete was WOSCHER as it took the highest amount of time 04:26 minutes.

2. Accuracy Test

Once we filled the air pressure with the tire inflators, we check the PSI or pressure of each tire. This analysis lets us know whether the tire inflator was capable of filling the tire with maximum air pressure or capacity.

And the respective analysis is below.

  • Bergmann – 32.5 PSI
  • TUSA – 33.0 PSI
  • WOSCHER – 31.5 PSI
  • Windek – 32.5 PSI

As you can see, there isn’t much difference among the comparison. However, TUSA performed the most accurate followed by Bergmann and Windek. And in the final place was WOSCHER.

tyre inflator 2

Another conclusion we can get from this analysis is that, Bergmann, Windek and Woscher lost some air pressure because of one similar feature – screw type nozzle. Because it takes more time to unscrew it which results in slight loss of air pressure.

But TUSA didn’t lose any air pressure as it comes with a clip type design. It doesn’t take much time to release the pipe from the tire.


In this test, we recorded the noise generated by each tire inflator. Among four of the inflators, TUSA has performed slightly better as it generated 95.9 decibels of noise. But it isn’t a major difference with the others as they generated slightly over the 100 decibels.

tyre inflator 3

4. Heat Test

After using the tire inflator to inflate tires of a car, we immediately checked the temperature or body heat of the inflator using a digital thermometer.

When we check the results, TUSA, Woscher and Windek has cooler body with around 20 to 35 degrees heat. But Bergmann has the most heat body with 50.9 degrees. This can be because of its metal design.

tyre inflator 4

Once checking the heat of the body is done, we also checked the heat of the inflation pipe immediately after the inflation.

In the results, the three inflation that include Bergmann, Woscher and Windek has hotter inflation pipes. So, you may have to be slightly cautious after using them. But TUSA has a cooler inflation pipe among the four choices.

Final Comparison Conclusion of Four Tire Inflators

When it comes to air filling test, TUSA and Bergmann performed great while Windek performed good. But Woscher has performed average as it took maximum amount of time.

In the accuracy test, TUSA was more accurate as it had 33 PSI and didn’t lose any air pressure. Bergmann and Windek performed good with a slight air pressure loss. Woscher performed average as it has more air pressure loss.

During the noise test, all the tire inflators were quite noisy. But TUSA was slightly better as it produced below 100 decibels of noise.

In the final heat test, the body of all inflators was quite cool except Bergmann has it has metal body. When the inflation pipe was tested, Bergmann has more temperature.

After considering all these test and data, we recommend

TUSA tire inflator as our # 1 recommendation as it was great in terms of air filling speed test and accuracy test. And it also performed good in noise test and heat test.

Our #2 recommendation is Bergmann tire inflator as it was great in air-filling test. It was also good in accuracy test. And it was average in terms of noise test and heat test.

The # recommendation is Windek tire inflator as it was decently good in air-filling test, accuracy test and body heat test.

Takeaway –

Tyre inflators have become more than an accessory. It helps you take care the flat tyre without any help. And moreover, it is helpful in situations where no one is available to help you.

In the market, you can see different type of tyre inflators. To find out the best option among them, we tested and tried the top tyre inflator choices. You can go through this article to check out the testing process clearly. And also, our recommendations.

If you still have any queries, write to us in the comment section below. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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