Best TWS Earbuds Under 1000 In India – Tested and Reviewed

A pair of earbuds are much more comfortable and convenient compared to wired ones.

With a good quality TWS earbuds, you can enjoy music while working out or doing other activities without any worries or interruptions.

Because of their popularity, these earbuds are now available in a wide price range – from budget-friendly to premium.

In this article, we are going to explore the best TWS earbuds available in the price range below Rs. 1000.

For this, we have purchased the popular ones based on their ratings and customer reviews. The products we opted are.

Disclaimer –

These products are selected based on the reviews. None of the products are sponsored by any company unless specifically mentioned. The information and reviews mentioned in this article are purely from our real-time testing at our workshop. We are not promoting or demoting any brand through this article.

How We Tested?

We have performed multiple tests to check different factors that include design, comfort, usability, sound quality and call quality. After that, we have also compared the results to find out the winner and loser among the shortlisted best TWS earbuds.

Real-Time Tests and Reviews of the Best TWS Earbuds Under 1000

1. Design

So, in this section we are going to compare the design and build quality of the earbuds.

Among all the earbuds, we have found that Boult, MIVI and Truke has compact and modernistic design. And moreover, they were pocket-friendly as well.

When it comes to boAt earbuds, the design was a little bit larger compared to others. And it was difficult to place them in the smaller pockets of the pants and they were bulky and quite noticeable.

Coming to the build quality, all the earbud models had good enough plastic box quality. And moreover, they were light in weight as well. Overall, the quality is quite reasonable for the price range.

However, the build quality of MIVI earbuds was a little average compared to the others. The opening and closing of the box were not smooth.

2. Comfort

The second test we performed is to check the comfort level of the earbuds.

All the earbuds have stem design that is similar to the airpods. When we place them in our ears and tested, they were quite comfortable.

And all the earbuds had rubber ear tips which were quite soft which made it easy to wear them, even if it is for longer or extended time durations.

Here all the earbuds and cases have IPX4 and IPX5 rating. So, you can use them even for intense workouts. These earbuds can water splash and sweat resistant.

Along with comfort, having stability is also equally important when it comes to earbuds. So, we have also tested them for stability factor.

For this, we have performed a run test which means we have worn them while running on a treadmill.

Through this test, we have observed that, Boult and Truke were quite stable. But when it come to MIVI and boAt, they were stable as well however they required adjustment couple of times.

So, we recommend Boult and Truke earbuds for people who have intense workout sessions.

3. Usability

When it come usability, all these earbuds come with back tap option. So, with just a single touch, you can pause or play the music and attend or reject calls. With double tap or long press, you can change the song playing.

But with boAt and Truke, we found that the touch was quite smooth and quickly responsive. And the earbuds from Boult and MiVi were a little less smooth and responsive compared to the others.

We have also tested the Bluetooth range of these earbuds in an open space which helps in finding out the connectivity response.

As you can see here, the Bluetooth range of all these earbuds was quite good compared to entry-level models. However, the connectivity of Truke was higher compared to other products. But when it comes to using them in a room, you can use all these earbuds easily without any issues.

Coming to the battery backup, MIVI, boAt and Truke provide 40 to 48 hours. But Boult provides only 32 hours of battery backup which is also quite good enough.

When it comes to earbud’s battery backup specifically, Truke provides higher battery backup which is around 10 hours. And the rest of the models also provide 6 to 8 hours of battery backup.

4. Sound

The next thing we are going to check is the sound performance. For this, we have used a high-quality stereo mic to test both left and right ear buds for complete ear experience.

When purchasing earbuds, bass quality is very essential. So, we have tested the bass performance of all the earbuds. We have set the sound volume of all the earbuds at similar range (75%).

After a thorough listening experience, we liked the performance of boAt and Truke earbuds as their bass performance was quite rich and punchy.

Immediately after them, Boult earbuds provided satisfactory performance. But when it comes to MIVI, its bass performance is average.

In addition to bass, vocal and instrumental clarity are also essential while watching movies or listening to melodious song.

So, we have also tested for them. Though this test, we have found that, Boul and boAt have performed quite well in the vocal and instrumental section. After that, Truke’s performance was also quite good. But again, MIVI has performed average in sound clarity.

5. Calls

Earbuds are also used majorly for taking the calls. So, we have performed a mic quality test on all the earbud models in a noisy environment.

After the personal observation, we found that boAt has absolutely amazing clarity and even the background music is comparatively less. Immediately after that, Truke has also performed good enough in the sound clarity.

But when it comes to Boult and MIVI, they have performed quite average and there was a lot of background noise as well.

Final Results of TWS Earbuds

tws final

Here, our first recommendation would go to Truke earbuds as they performed great in bass quality, Bluetooth range, stability run, comfort, playtime and charging tests. And it has also performed good in overall sound quality and Mic quality.

Our second recommendation would go to boAt earbuds as its overall sound quality, bass quality, mic quality and bass were great. In addition to that, the Bluetooth range, stability, playtime and charging time were good as well.

When it comes to Boult and MIVI, we haven’t found them as good as the other options. But among them Boult was a little better compared to MIVI.


TWS earbuds have become quite popular now-a-days because of their portability and compact size. In addition to that, you don’t have to deal with the wires.

Because of their popularity, TWS earbuds are now available in several models from different brands. Choosing among them can be a difficult task.

In order to help our readers, we have purchased the popular and top rates models and real-time tested them at our workshop.

After conducting the test, we were able to conclude the results and provided the honest reviews here. We hope the information has helped you.

If you still have any doubts, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. We are more than happy to help you.

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