Best Smart Watches 5000 in India – Reviewed and Tested

The popularity of smart watches has increased rapidly in the recent years. In addition to being an extension to your smart phone, they now have the abilities of fitness trackers as well.

And fortunately, smart watches are available in a wide price range. Here, in this article, we are going to cover the best smart watches under 5000 price range.

Even in this budget-friendly price range, it is quite a daunting task to find out the best option between the wide range of models.

To find out the best option, we purchased the best-selling models based on the top ratings and customer reviews. And we have tested them for their features and other factors at our workshop.

Top 4 Best Smart Watches In India Under 5000

Disclaimer –

The product we selected and purchased are not recommended or sponsored by any brand or company. The information and reviews mentioned in th is article are provided based on the real-time tests performed by us at our workshop. We are not promoting or demoting any brand through this article.

How We Tested?

We have performed a series of tests to understand the accuracy, heart rate test, SpO2 test (blood oxygen test, water drop test, battery life and others. We have provided details of our testing, reviews and other information below for your reference.

Real Time Testing And Review of Smart Watches Under 5000

1. Accuracy –


For this test, we have taken 10,000 steps by wearing all the smart watches and compared it with Apple smart watch which is the industry leader in the smart watch segment.

Before taking the steps, we have noted down the actual number of steps taken. After taking the steps, we have again noted down the number of steps recorded in the smart watch.

We have compared the recorded data with the data recorded by the Apple smart watch for the same steps.

You can see the final result of all the smart watches in the above image.

When we talk about the steps taken and distance travel, almost all the models have performed similar as the Apple smart watch.

But when we check the calorie count here, Amazfit and Fire-Boltt calorie count was slightly different than the other watches, making it a bit less accurate.

2. Heart Rate Test

In this test, we are going to review the recording accuracy of heart rate and blood oxygen levels by all the smart watches. Here also we will be comparing the results with Apple watch.

Before starting the test, we have recorded the heart rate and SpO2 results in the Apple watch.

Immediately after that, we have checked the heart rate sensor for all the watches as well.

Heart Rate Test

And you can see here, all the models have performed quite similar with the data of Apple watch.

After this, we have also checked the blood oxygen levels using all the smart watches.

Heart Rate Test 2

Even here also, all the models have performed quite similar as compared to Apple watch.

Through this we have understood that, all the watch models have almost similar accuracy in reading the heart rate and blood oxygen levels, even when compared to the Apple watch.

3. Water Drop Test

As all the watch models we have purchased have really good standard of water resistance, we are going to test this feature here by dropping the watches individually into a bowl filled with water.

We have let the watches stay in the water bowl for about 30 minutes and removed them.

Water Drop Test

Even after staying for 30 minutes in the water, all these watches are working perfectly and completely safe to use under rain, while swimming or in any other situations.

4. Sleep Wake Test

Sleep Wake Test

The next test we performed is to check the accuracy of sleep analysis feature. For this test, we have worn all the smart watches while sleeping for the complete night or sleep cycle.

As you can see here, in Noise, boAt and Fire-Boltt, the sleep analysis was quite detailed and we felt like it was quite accurate as well.

But when it comes to Amazfit here, we didn’t find the sleep cycle data has lacked in detail information and comparatively it is less accurate as well. So, its overall performance was quite average.

5. Battery Life

When compared all the smart watches on how long they last on a single charge, we have observed that Amazfit has around 14 days of battery life.

After that, Fire-Boltt provides 10 days of battery backup. And finally, when it comes to boAt and Noise models, you get around 7 days of battery life which is also considered as a decent backup.

Coming to the charging time, it takes around 2 hours to charge all these smart watches up to 100%.

6. Calling Feature

When it comes to the calling feature of these smart watches, the call notification and call end option are available with all them.

But with noise and Amazfit, you will also get call silence and call reply option as well – which we found quite handy.

And finally, with Fire-Boltt, you can even pick the call and directly talk from your watch. We have even checked the sound clarity of this device by talking a call and it was quite good.

7. App Notifications

Coming to the App notifications, it is available in all the smart watch models we are testing or reviewing. But when it comes to Noise and boAt, you get notification option from a limited set of Apps but it covers more or less all the major notifications.

8. Build Quality and Display

All these smart watches come with excellent metal build quality which provides premium look and feel to them.

Even the screen size of all the watches here is quite good as they almost have 1.32 to 1.78 inches display.

When it comes to dial thickness here, with Amazfit you will get slim and sleek dial which even suit if you have a smaller wrist size.

But the dial thickness of Fire-Boltt is slightly thicker but it looks quite sporty.

With Noise, Amazfit and Fire-Boltt, you will get an AMOLED screen and the clarity you get here from these screens is very sharp and vibrant. But coming to boAt here, you get only LCD display whose clarity I found slightly average.

And if we talk about always on display, you get this feature only with Noise and Amazfit smart watches which can be an essential criterion for a lot of people.

Final Comparison Result of Best Bluetooth Smartwatches Under 5000

So, after all the reviewing, observing and testing, we have done a final comparison to see which one is the winner and which is the loser.


You can see here the results here in the above image.

Based on the testing and reviews, our recommendation goes to Noise color fit ultra 2 because it performed very well in almost all the tests.

Our second recommendation goes to Amazfit with gts2 mini because it also performed quite good in almost all the tests.

Our next recommendation would be the Fire-Boltt thunder but the UI and touch response of this watch was slightly average.


Smartwatches have become an essential piece of modern technology to carry regularly. Thanks to its modern features like heart rate monitor, calling feature, App notifications, sleep analysis, calorie count and steps taken and others, you can lead a healthy and well-informed life.

With the increase in their popularity, many brands have come up with models that range from budget-friendly to expensive. In this article, we have catered to people who are looking for a budget-friendly option.

To help the best, we have purchased the best four smart watches with top ratings and tested them in our workshop. Based on our observing, we have mentioned the winner and loser in our article. Check out the information to know which suits you better.

Share your choice or any doubts in the comment section below. We will reply to them at our earliest convenience.

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