4 Best Forehead Thermometers 2022

Forehead thermometer has become quite popular in the ongoing pandemic – especially because of its non-contact temperature reading feature.

With this demand, the number of forehead thermometer models have also increased rapidly.

To find out the answer for – ‘what makes an ideal forehead thermometer’, we interviewed several clinical technicians and medical experts.

As per their inputs, the best forehead thermometer shows accurate readings consistently within less time.

So, we are going to purchase the best-selling forehead thermometers and test them for these parameters.

In this article, you can see how we performed each test on these products and which one becomes the winner/loser.

Top-Selling Forehead Thermometers

Disclaimer – We shortlisted these products based on the customer reviews, feedback and ratings present on Amazon. None of them are sponsored by any brand and we are not promoting or against of any brand. The information provided in this article are our honest opinions gathered after spending several hours in testing and analysis.

How We Tested –

To analyse the forehead thermometer models, we have performed three different tests that include accuracy, consistency and speed.

  • Accuracy – To analyse this feature, we will be taking pre-measured warm water temperature using all the four models.
  • Consistency – In this test, we will be taking the temperature readings three times in row using each forehead thermometer.
  • Speed – In this test, we will check how much does each forehead thermometer take for reloading the machine by doing multiple body checks.

Detail Review of Each Forehead Thermometer

1. Vandelay Forehead Thermometer


Vandelay Forehead Thermometer

It has a convenient design which is comfortable to hold. It is quite light in weight and has good quality build construction.

When it comes to display, it has a large screen with good indication of numbers. By default, it switches in the body mode and on the screen, you can also find the battery indication. You can also change the temperature measurement to Celsius from Fahrenheit.

You can find a button on the body or handle of the thermometer which helps you turn it on. It also comes with a memory feature which can be changed using the button mentioned at the side of the thermometer.

Another button is provided for changing the feature called surface mode. This feature lets you check the temperature without any direct contact with the surface.

In the body mode, this thermometer showcases the display in two different light modes. If it is green, then the body temperature is normal or within the normal range. If it is red, then the body temperature is high.

When we talk about the battery, it comes with two AAA batteries which can last for pretty long.

If you want to purchase this thermometer, you can get it at Amazon for Rs. 1,400. And this forehead thermometer comes with 1-year warranty duration.

2. Dr Trust Forehead Thermometer

Dr Trust Forehead Thermometer

This thermometer also comes with a lightweight and easy to hold design. Though the build quality is good, it is not as good as the Vandelay forehead thermometer.

Now let’s talk about the display feature. It comes with a green backlight and has clear, simple to read number format.

Below the display, you can find a button which lets you turn on/ off the machine. The button present above the display helps you check the temperature or check the memory function.

This thermometer also comes with a multi light feature for indicating body temperature.

It doesn’t come with any battery icon. When it comes to usage, it is very good. You can easily change the mode using the button present at the side of the thermometer. You can select either body temperature or surface temperature modes.

This machine also comes with 2 AAA batteries that last pretty long.

If you want to purchase the Dr Trust Forehead Thermometer, you can get it on Amazon for Rs. 1700. And moreover, it comes with 1-year warranty duration.

3. Beurer Forehead Thermometer

Beurer Forehead Thermometer

This thermometer has easy to hold body and has sleek design. When it comes to the screen, it looks a bit cluttered and is not as easy to read compared to Dr Trust and Vandelay. However, it provides some additional information like date and time.

It has three different buttons below the display. One button is present for turning the machine on/off and scan the temperature of the person or surface.

This device comes with three different modes that include body mode, object mode and room temperature mode.

Using the top right button, you can change the backlight or adjust other features that include time, date and others.

This forehead thermometer doesn’t come with any multi-light indicators in case the temperature is higher which is available with other models like Dr Trust and Vandelay.

Overall, this device is quite simple to use and comes with 2 AAA batteries.

If you want to purchase this forehead thermometer, you can get for Rs. 1,900 on Amazon.

4. Omron Forehead Thermometer

Omron Forehead Thermometer

Last but not the least product we will analyse is from Omron brand. This device is light in weight and sleek design.

The build quality of this machine is also very good. When we talk about the display, it comes with a similar kind of display like other machines.

On the display, you can see the temperature at the centre. Using the button present below the display, you can turn it on/off and check the memory function.

Using the button below this, you can check the body or surface temperature. Although this display comes with backlight feature, it only turns on when you check the body temperature of any person. And it has only single light colour display.

This device also comes with three different modes that include body mode, surface mode, and room temperature.

While analysing this model, it took us some to understand the features and the process is not very easy.

Unlike other models in this article, this forehead thermometer comes with a coin battery. It lasts for lesser time duration compared to others.

If you want to purchase this product, you can get it for Rs. 1,700 on Amazon. And it comes with 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Real-Time Testing of Forehead Thermometers

In this real-time testing, we will compare the features of the four devices to understand which one is more efficient and worth the purchase.

1. Consistency Test

In this test, we will be checking the body temperature three times in a row to check whether the particular machine consistent or not.

Here, in this test you can observe that Vandelay, Dr Trust and Omron have performed good and the temperatures taken were also consistent in the three times.

Whereas the Beurer forehead thermometer was slightly inconsistent and showed an average performance.

2. Accuracy Test

In this test, we are going to perform water test to check the accuracy of the forehead thermometers. For the same, we have a taken a bowl of hot water to perform the test.

First, we will take the temperature reading using a digital thermometer and the temperature measured is 98.1 Fahrenheit.

Immediately, after the measuring using a digital thermometer, we used the four forehead thermometers to also take the temperature reading to see which one provides the most accurate reading.

As you can see Vandelay, Dr Trust and Omron were very close to the actual water temperature of the water. But when it comes to Beurer thermometer, has shown slightly more difference in the temperature readings.

It has shown the reading as 95.5 F which is actually 2.6 F lesser than the actual water temperature reading.

3. Speed Test

In this test, we will see how much time it takes to read the machine while doing multiple body checks.

Here, you can see the Vandelay and Dr Trust take only 1 second to reload and check the temperature.

But Omron and Beurer have performed average as they took almost 6 seconds to reload and check the next temperature.

Final Comparison of Forehead Thermometers

Below, we are going to show you a comparison of all the results achieved through the testing process.

Coming to the first test accuracy, Vandelay, Omron, and Dr Trust models have performed quite good as the difference was very less. The difference in the temperature was only 0.1-degree Fahrenheit to 3-degree Fahrenheit. However, Beurer performed slightly average as the difference was -2.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to the next test consistency, Vandelay, Dr Trust, and Omron have performed much better as they were consistent in all the three times. However, beurer performed slightly average as the result was slightly changing whenever the test is performed.

And in the final test speed test comparison, Vandelay and Dr Trust performed very good as they were able to reload within just a second. And the Omron, and Beurer performed slightly average as it took around 6 seconds to reload the machine.

Final Recommendations…

After performing the tests, comparing and observing, we recommend Vandelay and Dr Trust as our first recommendation. Because they were quite good in terms of accuracy, consistency and speed.

Our second recommendation is Omron forehead thermometer as it was quite good in terms of accuracy and consistency. However, it was quite average in terms of speed and ease of use.


We have spent several hours in conducting the research, analysis and testing to provide the best forehead thermometers.

We hope the information provided here was helpful in taking a wise purchase decision. If you still have any questions, write to us in the comment section below. We shall provide answers at the earliest convenience.

For more such articles and reviews, you can keep visiting our website.

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