Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 1000 – Realtime Tested and Expert Reviewed

Bluetooth speakers have become quite popular among music lovers because of their portability.

They are now available in extensive price ranges – and in this article, we are going to cover the best Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 1000.

In order to provide accurate reviews, we have purchased the popular models from trust-worthy brands and we have real-time tested them in our workshop.

If you want to find the find out the best Bluetooth speaker, then read through the information as we have mentioned all the details along with how we tested the models, what models we selected and others.

The Bluetooth speaker products we selected for testing are…


The products we selected for testing are shortlisted and purchased based on the top rating and customer reviews and popularity. The information and reviews mentioned here are based on our hands-on testing. None of these models or products are sponsored by any company. We are not encouraging or discouraging any brand through this article.

How We Tested?

To find out the best among these products, we are going to perform a series of tests that include bass test, loudness test and complete feature analysis and comparison. In this article, we have provided the test process, results and comparison clearly.

Feature Analysis and Comparison of Bluetooth Speakers

When we talk about the design, MIVI, MI, and Portronics have great build quality and premium design. Even the material quality of all the speakers is quite good.

But when it comes to boAt speaker, the material quality and the mesh quality was slightly average compared to other products. And even the finishing was not premium.

Next, we checked the special features. The Bluetooth speakers from boAt, MIVI and MIVI, you get a splash proof design which can keep your speaker protected from water spillage, moisture, humidity or any kind of water splashes.

But when we talk about the Portronics here, it doesn’t come with any water or dust resistance.

Coming to the sound output, boAt, MIVI and MI provide 5W of sound output. But with Portronics, you get almost 10W of sound output which is actually quite good within this price range.

The battery backup of these speakers here are really good, especially the MIVI and MI, you get 20 to 24 hours of battery backup. The boAt and Portronics provide almost 10 hours of battery backup which is also actually quite good.

The Bluetooth range of these speakers is quite good and you can also use these speakers in dual mode setup as well. In all these speakers, you get a built-in MIC from which you can talk easily or call directly from the speaker.

When we checked the ports of these speakers, we observed that, boAt, MIVI and MI, you get a micro-USB option to charge the speaker. Along with that, you get an AUX port as well. But in Portronics, you get a USB-C port for fast charging and along with that you get a USB-A option as well.

Realtime Testing of Best Bluetooth Speakers

Here, we are going to explain a series of tests we have done on the products to understand which one works better.

1. Loudness Test

Loudness Test

For this test, we are going to keep the all the Bluetooth speakers on maximum volume (100%). To measure the loudness, we are using sound testing device (sound level metre). The basic thumb rule to keep in mind while performing this test is – higher the decibel count, louder the speaker will be.

As you can see, the Portronics Bluetooth speaker had the maximum loudness as it comes with the 10 W speaker output.

And here, MI and boAt Bluetooth speakers have also performed very good as they were able to produce more than 100 decibels of sound. And finally, MIVI was also loud but not as loud as the other speakers.

2. Bass


We all love having bass in our music equipment and speaker with a good bass can definitely enrich our entire listening experience.

For testing this feature, we have taken a good bass song and played it on all the portable speakers individually. And we made sure to keep our all the speakers at similar sound output (about 75%).

As per our listening experience here, we found that MI performed the best as it has a very good, punchy and rich bass compared to other speakers. It was also good in terms of surround sound.

Immediately after MI, MIVI and boAt have also performed quite good as the base of the speakers were also quite rich and punchy. And finally comes the Portronics Bluetooth speaker, it also performed good but not as good as the others. So, it has low bass compared to other speakers.

3. Sound Clarity Test


So, we also enjoy listening to melodious and classic songs as well and in order to check that, we will playing soft melodious song on these speakers to check the vocal clarity and the melody.

During this test, we observed that all the speakers have performed quite well as their instrumental and vocal clarity both were quite good.

4. MIC Quality Test


While listening to music, we may sometimes take calls using the speaker. So, we have performed MIC quality test on these speakers to know which is stands out.

So here, MI performed the best and the clarity of the MIC was quite clear. And next both Portonics and boAt have performed good but the performance of MIVI was slightly average as the mic output was not that clear.

5. Bluetooth Range Test


Since these are portable Bluetooth speakers, we have also tested for the Bluetooth range in an open space.

As you can see the results, MI, boAt and Portronics have performed quite good as the Bluetooth range was almost around 32 meters. And when it comes to MIVI here, it also performed good as it has the range of almost 20 meters which is also quite good.

Final Comparison and Results of Bluetooth Speakers

Based on our observing and testing, MI is our first recommendation as it performed great in all aspects and it also had great build quality.

Our second recommendation goes to boAt as it has performed great in sound clarity, loudness, and Bluetooth range. And it was good in terms of Bass and MIC quality as well. However, it is not as great as the MI.

The next recommendation would go to Portronics as it performed great in sound clarity, loudness and Bluetooth range. The MIC quality was good but it performed average in terms of Bass.

Our last recommendation goes to MiVi. Though it has great sound clarity, the bass, MIC quality and Bluetooth range was just good and it was average in terms of MIC quality.


Bluetooth speakers have really made it easy to enjoy music anywhere you want. Since they are portable, you can carry them anywhere you want without any issues. Because of their popularity, many brands have invested in providing high-quality models with better features like water resistance, better sound output, in-built MIC and others.

As they are now available in a wide range of models and price ranges, we have taken the most affordable options for testing – Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000.

If you are looking a Bluetooth speaker in the same range, then this article can be quite helpful in choosing the right option.

We have purchased four popular models with top rantings and great customer service. And we have tested them for all the features and quality to pick up the best one. Check out the article thoroughly to understand which one is right for your requirements.

Share your thoughts and experience after reading this article in the comment section below. We will reply to them at earliest convenience.

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