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SimpleGhar – Your Reliable Online Shopping Partner

The journey of SimpleGhar was started with the thought of providing trustworthy information to online consumers.

When it comes to purchasing appliances or household gear, uninformed choices often end up being wrong purchases.

And with several sources of vague and unreliable information, finding out the best options have become challenging.

So, we decided to bridge the gap by testing the products without own hands and fact-check before suggesting or recommending any information or product to our readers.

‘Real-time testing and honest reviews’ – are the foundation for our establishment.

From home improvement to kitchen essentials, we provide a vast range of information and analysis to save your time and eliminate the stress related to shopping.

To provide honest reviews, we purchase the products, unbox them and test them thoroughly at our research lab.

And the product we chose real-time test are chosen based on the customer reviews. They are not sponsored by any brand unless specially specified.

We spend several days to weeks on every product to provide the right information and honest opinion.

Apart from our research, expertise and experience, we also conduct interviews with experts in that particular field to fan out the most reliable information for testing a product.

This often helps us to shortlist the best options and which aren’t worth wasting your money in the world of marketing gimmicks, overpriced and junk stuff.

And our readers can be assured to spending their valuable money in reliable and high-quality products.

Our Editorial Guidelines

We believe in editorial independence so our content creators are not influenced by any other factors apart from providing honesty reviews.

Every information mentioned in our website goes through a fact checking process before getting published. This way, we can make sure only quality and reliable content is provided to our readers.

Our writers and editors make sure, we don’t provide any information that is subjective, insensitive, proactive and biased in any manner.

Does Affiliate Revenue Affect Our Reviews and Information?

No, it doesn’t. We don’t earn fees when a person purchases a product by following the affiliate link our website. However, if the product turns out faulty and returned, then we will not earn any fees.

So, we think it is a fair that keeps us motivated in providing only valuable information and reliable opinions.

And moreover, our researchers, testers, writers and editors are never made aware of or influenced with the affiliate earnings. This prevents them from being biased and concentrate on the truth.

We strive to replicate the trust our readers put on us by providing the truth and being honest in our process.

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If you want to us to review any particular product you haven’t found on our website, you can contact us by dropping a mail at “ “